Serving Your Family

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Every Jewish family should be permeated with warmth, spirituality and optimism. Agudath Israel of America offers various programs to help both parents and children make their family life as ideal and constructive as can be.

Whether improving children’s formative years, their parents’ financial stability, or their grandparents’ experience during a terminal illness, Agudath Israel of America has designed various programs to brighten the entire picture


Mortgage Counseling

Struggling to cover the costs of the most precious family asset can overwhelm parents and every aspect of family life. Agudath Israel of America helps families find and maintain peace of mind and a roof over their heads by assisting them with all resources they can use to avoid foreclosure and/or lower their monthly mortgage payments.

End Of Life Resources

Dealing with the emotional and logistical hardships while caring for a terminal ill loved one is painful enough. With our legal and healthcare systems increasingly dismissive of extending the life of terminally ill patients, relatives must often also struggle to convince medical facilities, courts and/or insurance companies to offer costly proper treatment and life preservation.

Through Chayim Aruchim, Agudath Israel of America’s end-of-life care division, and other programs, individuals, families, medical professionals and legislators are educated about the Torah perspective on the sanctity of life, and community members are offered myriad resources to offer their loved ones the maximum quantity and quality of life.

Chayim Aruchim
Kesser Mishnayos

Kesser Mishnayos

Kesser Mishnayos is the flagship program of the Pirchei Agudath Israel youth division. Elementary school age boys volunteer to learn and get tested on any quantity of Mishnayos, and are rewarded with exciting localized programs, Siyumim and other exciting events. The grand Kesser Mishnayos annual Siyum is the largest and most prestigious public Torah event for children in America.

Bnos One-On-One

No one understands the concerns and needs of a young girl as does a fellow girl from her community who has been at that stage just a few years earlier. Bnos One-on-One helps young girls from within our communities forge long-lasting relationships with teenage “big sisters,” offering them a dose of encouragement and guidance that transform their lives

Pirchei Weekly 5775 Va'eira - cover

Pirchei Weekly

Pirchei Weekly offers elementary school age boys in our communities an exciting, child friendly medium through which to remain connected with their peers and exciting programs within the Pirchei Agudath Israel youth division.

Each issue is filled with educational material presented in a kid-friendly way. Children across the country await their copy each week with anticipation.

Project L.E.A.R.N.

Project L.E.A.R.N. is dedicated towards helping parents of children with special needs attain the most effective benefits and services they possibly can. The organization’s multifaceted efforts include community education, government advocacy, parental guidance and the development of new special education programs.

Senator Simcha Felder, Comptroller Scott Stringer and Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel at Special Education Meeting at New York State Assembly

Summer Camps

Agudath Israel of America operates thirteen trailblazing sleepaway summer camps for boys and girls in our community of all ages. Scholarships are offered to financially struggling parents, so that all children have the chance to enjoy and advance during the summer months.