Double Simcha at Camp Agudah, as Worldwide Daf Yomi Program and Campers Celebrate Siyumim

Inclement weather did nothing to dampen the spirits of the lomdei hadaf who gathered in Liberty, New York to celebrate Agudath Israel of America’s siyum of Maseches Eruchin at Camp Agudah. The sparks of excitement in the air were further fueled by the knowledge that just seven masechtas remain until the global Siyum Hashas of Daf Yomi on January 1st, 2020 at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium.

What has become a yearly tradition, Camp Agudah was again honored to host a national siyum, with campers packing the beis medrash for the event, the excitement of being part of the final march towards The Siyum HaShas evident on their faces.  The simcha was enhanced by a second siyum made by more than 70 bochurim of Camp Agudah’s Machane Efraim Masmidim program who spent Shiva Asar B’Tamuz learning the entire Maseches Tamid despite the physical hardships and intense summer heat.

Thousands more tuned in to the program via a worldwide livestream, taking advantage of an opportunity to participate in this siyum from afar. The large audience, in Camp Agudah, on the livestream and on the dedicated conference line, made a tremendous impression on the campers, demonstrating Klal Yisroel’s unwavering commitment to Torah study, one that extends throughout the year and across the globe.

Rabbi Dovid Frischman, director of the Masmidim program, was the first speaker of the evening, praising the bochurim for the marathon learning session that enabled them to complete Maseches Tamid in its entirety in a single day. Surrounded by his fellow masmidim, Binyomin Novack of Passaic made the siyum on the Masechta in memory of his mother Mrs. Nancy Novack, with all of the mesaymim reciting the hadran together. 

Rabbi Eliyahu Simcha Bamberger, national director of Agudath Israel’s Daf Yomi program, lauded the bochurim for their accomplishments, describing them as budding lomdei hadaf before introducing the Vialopoler Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Frankel, who delved into the nuances of monetary value through the prism of Maseches Eruchin. Rabbi Frankel spoke about the importance of actualizing one’s true potential and linked the previous Daf Yomi masechta to the current one, Maseches Temura, highlighting the importance of using one’s innate talents to reach great heights in Torah and chesed. The Rebbe concluded his inspiring divrei chizuk by noting every Daf Yomi cycle presents lomdei hadaf with a golden opportunity for unprecedented achievement.

Rabbi Chaim Schabes, Rav of Congregation Knesses Yisroel in New Hempstead, who travelled to camp Aguda especially for the Siyum,spoke about the relationship between the two masechtas on which the siyumim were being made. He emphasized the need to dedicate oneself completely to Torah on a daily basis. Rabbi Schabes stressed the importance of each individual appreciating their irrevocable bond to the Torah and the inherent kedusha that lies within; as a means of bringing about the ultimate geula.

Having the ability to celebrate these twin milestones was an incredible privilege for Camp Agudah observed Rabbi Frischman, one that speaks volumes about klal yisroel. “The combined dedication of tens of thousands lomdei hadaf worldwide and 70 energetic bochurim in Camp Agudah is a perfect synthesis that undoubtedly gives supreme nachas ruach to the gedolei olam who presided upon and worked so hard to create the great Torah organization that is Agudas Yisroel,” said Rabbi Frischman.