Serving You

To paraphrase the legendary Agudath Israel of America chairman Rabbi Moshe Sherer z”l, activism on behalf of Orthodox Jewry must focus as much upon the needs of “Reb Yisroel” – the individual Jew – as it does upon broader community.

Through assisting and empowering individual members of our communities, Agudath Israel of America serves as a powerful positive influence upon individuals, families and communities every day. Both children and adults in our communities can avail of a rich array of services, helping them learn Torah, earn a living, interact with surrounding society and get involved in the democratic process.

 Yarchei Kallah

Yarchei Kallos

Agudath Israel of America holds several Yarchei Kallah gatherings throughout the year . The flagship annual Yarchei Kallah sees hundreds of businessmen and professionals take a week off their hectic schedules, dedicating their time to physical and spiritual rejuvenation in the Holy Land of our forefathers. Participants in this program enjoy intense Torah learning sessions, informative lectures, and inspirational interactions with the leading Torah giants of our time. Other Yarchei Kallahs, held locally on Succos and Pesach, likewise offer rich programs that encourage family breadwinners to learn Torah and be spiritually inspired.

Daf Yomi Resources

Originally presented at the Knessiah Gedolah of Agudath Israel in Vienna, the Daf Yomi daily Gemara learning program has increased Torah learning and unified Jews by historic proportions.

Agudath Israel of America has helped propel the Daf Yomi program in the United States towards previously unimagined success through myriad resources that make it available and easily accessible to Jews of all backgrounds, in all locations. Events such as nationwide Siyumim on individual Masechtos (tractates), and the majestic grand Siyum Hashas upon the completion of a full Daf Yomi cycle, inspire increased participation and motivation for Daf Yomi learning.

 Daf Resources
 Serving Your Famiy

Career Services

A successful career means more than just a job and income. It means self-esteem, a happy home and successful children.

Agudath Israel of America – through Professional Career Services (PCS), COPE Institute and other divisions – help breadwinners with identifying, training and/or placement for a suitable respectable career – all within a culturally sensitive framework.

Voter Resources

Agudath Israel of America appreciates the gift of American democracy and encourages every eligible voter within our communities to participate in the electoral process and increase awareness of their needs amongst elected officials. Members of our community are offered resources and assistance to register to vote and show up at the polls.


Legal Support

Few things are as terrifying for an individual as needing to fight for their rights in a courtroom or in front of a powerful administrative board.

Agudath Israel of America’s Legal Support Services (AIALSS) division is a network of over 650 highly competent attorneys across America who – at no cost – advocate on behalf of community members in diverse cases related to their religious and community related rights.

Nishei C.A.R.E.S

Our mothers, wives and daughters are the foundation of our homes and communities. Nshei Agudath Israel is a  dedicated women’s division, utilizing women’s unique qualities to the benefit of our families and broader community through a rich array of special events and social service programs.

One of this division’s most impactful initiative is the Nshei C.A.R.E.S. program, where 90 doulas and 45 post partum specialists volunteer to help women in our communities have a healthy and easy childbirth and early motherhood period.

Shiurim with Rabbi Avrohom Chaim Fewer